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Words to Live By

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything They just make the best of everything they have. The richest person is not the one with the most… But the one who needs the least. My Dad always said- It’s nice to be important, but its more important to be nice. I started out with… Continue Reading

You think I don’t notice (1980-1981)

You think I don’t notice when I wake up to fresh towels, a clean bathroom and a toilet that is clean with a sink that is free from toothpaste. You think I don’t notice? You think I don’t notice when I shower and pick up my clean fresh towel, when I put on deodorant and… Continue Reading

You Think I Don’t Mind (25th Anniversary Rendition)

you think I don’t mind when I wake to make you coffee bring up the paper with toothpaste in the sink, and hardly any toilet paper on the roll you think I don’t mind? You think I don’t mind when I shower, and go to pick up my clean damp towel left outside from the… Continue Reading

At Thanksgiving

A child thinks of today, And sees how far it is till Christmas; A parent sees how far we’ve come To give thanks. A child sees only the meal, As a parent sees a feast and a blessing. A child anxious for dessert, Rushes through the eating of turkey; A parent savors the smell of… Continue Reading

Your Kiss (June 8, 2007)

Your kiss is still brand new. While our lips have aged, and our bodies- talking differently too us, Your kiss is still brand new. Your free facials are great, but you were beautiful before! And I really enjoy seeing you more and more. Keeping the exercise program going- and somehow Making it more and more-… Continue Reading

35 Years

Someone once said, “I couldn’t tell the difference where the sky stopped and the earth started. It started for me- when I met you. So many times in my life I find reasons To brag about you and us and family. You started my earth, my life And I found happy and content. Losing lotto’s… Continue Reading

Tale of Christmas Past (12.25.04)

In nights gone by On Eve’s of old The tales of daring Were often told Of men and dragons And horrors so bold They’d raise the dead And stir the soul. The moon was in shroud This Christmas Eve night. Twas cold and gloomy, The boughs frosted white, When all of a sudden! We stared… Continue Reading

A Tale of Halloween

Nights gone by in Halloweens of old, When tales of daring were often told, Of men and dragons of horrors so bold, It would raise the dead and scare the soul.   The moon was covered that Halloween night, It was gloomy and cold, all eyes frosted white, When all of us stared in fright,… Continue Reading