35 Years

Someone once said, “I couldn’t tell the difference
where the sky stopped and the earth started.

It started for me- when I met you.
So many times in my life I find reasons
To brag about you and us and family.

You started my earth, my life
And I found happy and content.

Losing lotto’s aside……
I found you and we got lucky.  We became
the lucky numbers and keep winning,
In life.

My sky leads up from you,
And the lights and the darks,
Surround my thoughts of you,
My love for you.

35 years is the ring and formality,
While our lives began about 38 ago.

While I hold us up,
You are the depth, and the defining
Of our lives.

And now- thanks to you,
I can’t tell the difference
where my sky stops and the earth starts.

A very good thing.

You are the best,


I have studied you as a painting
And the beauty continues to grow-
In you and inside me.
Lucky we have been;
Some by design and plan,
Some by luck and a coin!

Many times I have looked at our canvas
And I have always loved what I see
While its changed and all for the good
It’s you- when with- I want to be
Your entrance brightens any room as does mine
I can’t imagine anyone else
Whose life I would entwine.

Significance of 35
35 years of marriage
$35 for the wedding ring
$35 for pulling wisdom teeth
Lots less pain with the pulling of teeth!

What I still want to do–
35 years and still……
I want to hold your hand in public
And kiss you in a theatre,
Walk at sunset,
Walk at sunset on the beach
Hot tub with you and the moon
I still want to do all these things and more,
And you.

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