A Tale of Halloween

Nights gone by in Halloweens of old,

When tales of daring were often told,

Of men and dragons of horrors so bold,

It would raise the dead and scare the soul.


The moon was covered that Halloween night,

It was gloomy and cold, all eyes frosted white,

When all of us stared in fright,

All in amazement at the ghoulish sight,

Who looked as if he was to bite.

T’would turn darkness into light.


We’d gone for a walk down thru the murky wood.

To terrorize all the pumpkins we could,

Now there would be no turning back even if we


We didn’t move, we understood,

Scared to death in fright, we stood.


He stared, we stood, as if to move,

A sound we heard of thundering hooves,

His friends no doubt which only proved,

The end was near and no one moved.


We could feel the sound, we felt it near,

To all now it seemed quite clear,

There would be no morning for us we feared,

We all knew the end was near.


One reached out, in despair,

Touching nothing, nothing was there,

When he moved, no one dared,

We realized now, we weren’t to be spared.


Soon there were two, and then there were three,

Coming out from behind the trees,

Surrounding us, surrounding me,

Shaking most were my cold, cold knees,

No way now to be free.

One grabbed my arm, I could feel pain.

Trying to move was in vain.

I wrenched and screamed with nothing to gain,

I felt as if I was going insane,

I knew only too soon I’d be slain.


He bit and chewed till I could take no more,

My arm gone now, chewn down to the core.

I got loose, he tried for more.

I began to run and fell, to ground floor.

God only knew what was left, in store.


They started gnawing and chewing so very very slow.

They grabbed us all, we were all to go,

T’would be nothing left, not an arm to sew.


And soon they were finished,

There was nothing left to hold,

None of us got away, no one told.

And in nights gone by, and Halloweens of old,

This tale and others were often told,

Of men and dragons, of horrors so bold,

It raised the dead and scared the soul.



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