At Thanksgiving

A child thinks of today,
And sees how far it is till Christmas;
A parent sees how far we’ve come
To give thanks.
A child sees only the meal,
As a parent sees a feast and a blessing.

A child anxious for dessert,
Rushes through the eating of turkey;
A parent savors the smell of the day,
From am coffee to pm sleep.

A child hears only the chatter
Of adults and friends at play;
A parent hears the sounds of family,
And the love and cherished moments it inspires.

A child touches the day as any other,
How quick to work and how long to play;
A parent touches the day and gives thanks,
Wishing all loved ones could be here.

A child tastes the food before them,
As a parent tastes the memories of life,
And those who have gone before.

A childs’ senses, At Thanksgiving,
Are as alive as their parents memories
Of blessings counted many times.

A child knows how far it is
A parent knows how far they have come.

At Thanksgiving,
As a child I give thanks for the day
As a parent I give thanks for the child.

– Bill

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