Tale of Christmas Past (12.25.04)

In nights gone by
On Eve’s of old
The tales of daring
Were often told
Of men and dragons
And horrors so bold
They’d raise the dead
And stir the soul.

The moon was in shroud
This Christmas Eve night.
Twas cold and gloomy,
The boughs frosted white,
When all of a sudden!
We stared in fright
As a large apparition
Came into sight
Which looked as tho’
Could turn day into night.

We’d gone for a walk,
(We knew we could)
My brother and I,
Through wint’ry wood
To rejoice in all
There was that was good.
But now ‘twas no return
E’en if we should
We could not run,
Nor hide ‘neath hood.
So, scared to death,
In fright we stood.

It came and we shook,
Unable to move,
Then a sound we heard!
A thundering hove.
The clatter, no doubt,
Would only prove
The end was near.
We could not move.

We could feel the sound,
We could feel it near,
To all of us now
It became quite clear,
There’d be no morning,
No Christmas here.
We stood and we shook
In our uncertain fear.
All we knew was
The end was near.

They appeared from nowhere,
From behind the trees,
The elfin creatures
Began to wheeze.
We stood in awe,
Only the shake of our knees
Disturbing the sound
Of a deadening breeze.

Then BANG! without warning
The vision came near
All dressed in red.
It was all we could hear,
It laughed so loud,
We thought it quite queer.
We stood in awe,
But now it was clear
Alone in the woods,
We had nothing to fear.

We’d heard the tales
So often told
On Christmas Eves
Of long ago,
Of children on walks
In snow and cold
Outside where their elders
Forbade them to go.
Yet we’d done just the same
As our parents, we know:
To once and for all
Learn Christmas’ true role,
Of giving and getting
And fun so bold
It raises the dead
And stirs the soul.

And now grandchildren,
With Christmas so near,
As you sit by the fire
With fam’ly all here
To await Ol’ Saint Nick
And the stories of old,
Three simple lessons

I want you to know:
‘Tis the meaning of Christmas
Which makes it so;
In the giving, not getting,
You reap what you sow;

And, the older you get,
Never let it grow old.

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