You Think I Don’t Mind (25th Anniversary Rendition)

you think I don’t mind
when I wake to make you coffee
bring up the paper
with toothpaste in the sink,
and hardly any toilet paper on the roll
you think I don’t mind?

You think I don’t mind
when I shower, and go to pick
up my clean damp towel left outside
from the day before which forgot to be brought in,
when I put on deodorant with hardly any left,
and a semi clean pair of underwear
you think I don’t mind?

you think I don’t mind
when I look in my closet
with a light out at the end,
and 21 dirty shirts on the ground
that you were to take to the cleaners and forgot
and socks that are bunched up,
and I go into Will and Gav’s room and I see
clothes everywhere, and bang my toes on the
weights on the floor
and the laundry room floor full of dirty clothes
waiting to be done
you think I don’t mind?

You think I don’t mind
that the house is clean except the dishes aren’t done,
the beds have the blankets thrown up towards the
and the living room is semi-picked up, with full
ashtrays laying around
and that the fridge has old food in it, with stale
bread in the cupboard
and that the kids arent there, and you don’t know where
they are
you think I don’t mind?

You think I don’t mind
your fragrance after tennis
your infrequent kiss, and the beauty you used to have
and the hug at intermittent times
and the extra weight you are carrying
and the 5,000$$$ in pearls still unworn in your closet
and that you are gone most weekends playing tennis
You think I don’t mind?

I mind.
June 1999

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