Your Kiss (June 8, 2007)

Your kiss is still brand new.
While our lips have aged,
and our bodies- talking differently too us,
Your kiss is still brand new.

Your free facials are great, but you were beautiful before!
And I really enjoy seeing you more and more.
Keeping the exercise program going- and somehow
Making it more and more- is a good thing –
Thanks for pressing sometimes.

I find myself thinking of you and
Wanting to get home more. That is
A great feeling, that feeling I have.
That feeling about your kiss,
And its still brings tingles.

33 and counting- who’d have thunk.
Certainly not me 31 years ago—I always knew
We would make it, just not what it would feel like,
Like your kiss still being brand new.

I love the attention, and the calls, and the emails,
And hearing from you as you shop and save and get
Free facials.
It takes me back to that kiss, that early kiss,
That still feels brand new.

The kids have given us a new life,
And they aren’t here to know that,
But we love them for it, and look forward
To a baby in the house, and sleepless nights,
But I know your kiss, and I look forward to it,
As it still feels brand new.

We fly and work and play and live
And our kids remind us of ourselves
Freedom and responsibilities, all wrapped
Into two kids! And yet when we kiss,
It still feels brand new.

I love that about us.

Happy Anniversary!


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