Kick Ass Cigar Tool Ham


  • 1 Ham- not sliced- can be a whole or half-butt or shank
  • 1 15oz can of pineapple minced
  • 1 15oz can of brown sugar
  • 1 can of beer- more as needed—you will need—to keep bottom of pan moist as you cook
  • 325 degree oven- about 30 min per pound- do longer if you have the time- an extra hour or two will not hurt


Pat on pineapple and then pat on brown sugar on ham—pour beer in the bottom of the pan and tent loosely with foil. A couple of toothpicks on tip will keep it from sticking.
Every hour or so you should baste it with the liquid from the bottom of the pan and add more beer as needed.


It’s great served and it’s great the next day!

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